Get yourself acquainted with Open Journey Planning and the thematic of multimodal travel information in this website.

Based on the learnings from the Interreg project OJP4DANUBE – Coordination mechanisms for multimodal cross-border traveller information network based on OJP for Danube Region, the OJP4Danube e-learning webtool was developed to assist and guide visitors to get clear information and knowledge on subjects as:

  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Distributed Journey Planning
  • Danube Region Journey Planner
  • Public Transportation Standards

The structure of the website is shown in the next figure.

Interested in Multimodal Cross-border Journey Planning?

You can find detailed information on the innovative approach that the OJP4Danube team developed with the main objective of improving the quality and availability of information for cross-border travellers of the Danube region. The know-how is particularly valuable for:

  • Travellers
  • Infrastructure and public service providers
  • Open Journey Planning adopters (implementers, transport and travel information operators)
  • Local, regional and National public transportation authorities (policy level, decision-makers)
  • Higher education and research institutions

Enabling environmentally-friendly journey planning throughout a multimodal Danube Region